Be the change you want to see!

The sport of Airsoft was banned in all Australia 22 years ago. We are very close to making Airsoft legal in Western Australia and we need your help for the final push.

Hon. Aaron Stonehouse MLC introduced the Firearms Amendment (Airsoft) Bill 2019 seeking to make Airsoft legal in WA.

We kindly ask you to write to your elected Members of Parliament and request their support for the Bill and make Airsoft a reality in WA.

To make this easy we have developed a tool that generates a template email to your local Members of Parliament.

Simply select your suburb / city or shire (if outside metro area) from the menu below, enter your name and address and hit the “Generate email” button.

If you can’t find your suburb, just choose a neighbouring one.

It is important to provide you full name and address to allow the politicians to validate you as a constituent.


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