Become a member

Here are some of the reasons for which you should become a club member:

  • By being a club member, you are able to demonstrate the “lawful excuse” to own a Gel Blaster, required by Section 7 of the Weapons Act 1999. On sign-up you will also receive a Digital Membership Card as proof of membership;
  • The Club has been officially lobbying for legalising Airsoft since 2017 and unofficially since 2014;
  • The Club has had the greatest success in lobbying for Airsoft than any other organisation in the past 24 years;
  • The Club represents your interests and lobbies on your behalf with the Government to protect the sport of Gel Ball and advance the sport of Airsoft in Western Australia;
  • The club is not-for-profit, conducting all our activities in your interest and benefit;
  • One strong voice for the Airsoft and Gel Ball community is far better than several weak ones;
  • The Club works on your behalf to advance the sport of Gel Ball, on its own, and as a stepping stone towards Airsoft, as well as educating the community;
  • As a member, you will have voting rights in club affairs, as per our Constitution;
  • At any time you can request the financial report to understand how the club money is being spent;
  • Most importantly by being a member you help us lobby for the sport of Airsoft and Gel Ball by showing we have a strong members base.

Membership costs only 40AUD / year.

Payments are managed through Stripe, a very secure platform, similar to PayPal.

There are two types of memberships: one with automatic payment and renewal and one without (you receive email reminders before expiry).

Existing members can log in to their profile by using the button below to make any necessary changes / updates.