The West Australian

The West Australian conducted an interview about Hon. Aaron Stonehouse MLC’s campaign to legalise Airsoft in Western Australian.

Several club members were present for the photo shoot.

Blood Donations

We are a community organisation. The Western Australia Airsoft Club is a Red Cross registered group under the Red25 program.

We have made a significant contribution towards saving lives in WA.

If you are a regular blood donor and would like your donation to count towards our cause, please join our group. It takes less than 2 minutes.

#TurnMyNerfin campaign

The current legal definition of a firearm is in short ‘anything that can shoot anything‘. This definition is not based on lethality capability or means of propulsion of the bullet, shot or projectile (i.e. combusted gases, as should be the case). Because of this definition, Airsoft devices are conveniently classified as firearms. Furthermore, because no class exists for Airsoft devices in the Firearms Regulations, importation and use cannot be undertaken.

However, there are also other items that easily fall into this definition, such as NERF toy guns that are freely available in all major shops.

In sign of protest against the definition and the impacts it has on sports such as Airsoft and to further advance our cause, the Club has surrendered a number of NERF guns to the WA Police, part of the 2017 National Firearms Amnesty.

SupaNova Convention

The Club had a stand at the Perth SupaNova 2017 convention. It was great fun and we were able to achieve our objectives of public education and raising awareness of the sport of Airsoft and its international distribution.

Over the course of the two days, approximately 2,400 WA residents have signed our petition, expressing their wish for Airsoft devices to be excluded from the scope of the Firearms Act and for the sport of Airsoft to be self-regulated by a dedicated State Airsoft Sports Association.

Murdoch University Markets

Part of the Murdoch University Market Days, the Club had a stand for the purposes of spreading the word about our sport and also getting signatures on our petition to support our political lobbying activities aimed at getting the sport of Airsoft legalised in Western Australia.

We also got to meet some nice fairies that helped us out with our petition.

Club Meetings

Sausage sizzle in Kings Park.

Adults got to talk and eat, kids had fun with their Nerf toys. Unfortunately adults can’t have their toys to play with (i.e Airsoft ones).

Updated 29 September 2017