People of Western Australia

Over the course of two days, approximately 2,400 WA residents have signed our petition, expressing their wish for Airsoft devices to be excluded from the scope of the Firearms Act and for the sport of Airsoft to be self-regulated by a dedicated State Airsoft Sports Association.

In addition, we know countless letters, Tweets and emails went out to Local Members of Parliament and the Minister for Police.

Furthermore, we have had a significant number of club morale patch purchased from WA and wider Australia.

WA Members of Parliament

Hon. Aaron Stonehouse MLC 


Mr. Stonehouse has been instrumental to legalising Airsoft in Western Australia and we wouldn’t have been here without his support.

The activities he has undertaken to date to support the sport of Airsoft are too numerous to mention.

His website on Airsoft provides further information, such as videos, timeline of activities to date and his upcoming Bill to legalise Airsoft. Please visit and show your support.

Mr Peter Argyris Katsambanis MLA


During our August 2017 meeting, Mr. Katsambanis (Shadow Minister for Police) allowed us to quote him saying: ‘I am embarrassed with the current legislative regime‘ regarding the provisions of the Firearms Act being applied to the sport of Airsoft.

International Airsoft Organisations

UK Airsoft Player’s Union

Members of the UKAPU steering committee have been instrumental to our success so far in being a sounding board, providing ideas and support for our activities.

UKAPU has announced their affiliation with the Western Australia Airsoft Club Inc.

UKAPU has also sent a letter of support and argued the case for Airsoft as well as explained the UK regulatory regime to the WA Minister for Police.

European Airsoft Association


The President of the European Airsoft Association has been providing very close support to the club along our journey from the early beginnings. He was instrumental in developing our briefing notes and the case for Airsoft in Western Australia.

Officially, he has also written a letter of support to the WA Minister for Police.

NL Airsoft

logo NL Airosft

NL Airsoft has written an article on the club`s activities and Mr. Stonehouse` campaign to legalise Airsoft in Western Australia.

Popular Airsoft 

Popular Airsoft

Popular Airsoft has written an article on the Club`s affiliation with the UK Airsoft Player`s Union, Mr. Stonehouse` campaign to legalise Airsoft and generally motivated the wider Airsoft community to offer their support.

Arnies Airsoft


Arnies Airsoft has written an article on the Club`s affiliation with the UK Airsoft Player`s Union and the Club`s recent activities.

Worldwide Airsoft Players

We have been over-whelmed by the international support we have received and these are just some of the examples we know of.

Adrian, UK

Adrian has been an important figure within the UK Police Firearms Branch when they enacted their first regulations on Airsoft.

He wrote to the WA Minister for Police highlighting the little misuse of Airsoft devices and offered his assistance in developing regulatory policy on the sport of Airsoft in WA.

Matt, UK

Matt is a former UK soldier, engineer, campaigner, local Green Party politician and important figure within UKAPU.

He wrote a letter to the WA Minister for Police regarding his experience with Airsoft in helping him and others manage personal difficulties, showing the benefits Airsoft brings to the community as well as giving his support to the Club`s activities.

Graeme, South Africa

Graeme is a South African Airsoft player that wrote to the Australian Consulate about his positive experience with the sport of Airsoft and his compassion for Australians missing out on it.

People from different corners of the world purchased our Club Morale Patches to show their support and ensure our financial viability: United Kingdom, Italy, France, Norway, Netherland, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Updated 11 September 2019