We are a not-for-profit, community group advocating for the legal acceptance of the sport of Airsoft in Western Australia.



Our Objectives

  • Public education and promotion of the sport of Airsoft as a safer, cheaper and more convenient alternative to paintball and practical shooting;
  • Advocate for the legal acceptance of Airsoft as a competitive sport in Western Australia;
  • Development and enforcement of rules for regulating the sport of Airsoft for safety, competitiveness and enjoyment purposes.

The Club has no associations with firearm owner groups, firearm lobbyists or their supporters, nor expresses any opinions of their activities.


As previously advised, after six months since the introduction of the Airsoft Bill to parliament, Government still has not expressed their opinion on the Bill. The roadblock is the Minister of Police and her office. Both her and WA Police have been advised, lobbied and consulted by the Club and Aaron Stonehouse MLC several times over the past 3 years.

We need to lobby her if we want Airsoft in WA. It seems that our petition of 2,400 signatures didn't mean much, as neither did writing to your local MPs.

This is our last stumbling block! WE MUST TAKE ACTION NOW !!!

Please express your feelings about the delay and ask Hon. Michelle Roberts MLA for her position on the WA Airsoft Bill.

Her email is: ... See MoreSee Less

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Repost from yesterday - this post was meant to go live today. Apologies.

Time to put the current COVID-19 situation into perspective and understand its likely impacts on the WA Airsoft Bill.

Six months after the WA Airsoft Bill was introduced, Government (i.e. the Minister for Police) still has not decided on whether to support the Airsoft Bill, nor expressed any opinion about it. Both the Minister and WA Police were consulted and aware of the objectives / contents of the Bill well in advance of its introduction to Parliament.

If Airsoft was a very low priority for Government before, now with the COVID-19 situation it has probably reached close to NIL priority. We understand that these are difficult, unprecedented times, however “Life Goes On”. Or so it should if we all want to come out quicker and in a decent position out of all this.

The COVID-19 situation will keep Government occupied for at least six months, and elections are planned for March 2020. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that Aaron Stonehouse will get re-elected. If Aaron is not elected and / or the Liberal Democrats do not win seats in the upcoming election, it is likely that there will be no future for the WA Airsoft Bill, or it will be heavily delayed.

This means we need to take all reasonable steps to get the Bill passed as soon as possible. And the only roadblock / delay to that is the Minister for Police. This is simply because the Firearms Act is her portfolio.

We will soon be providing instruction on how to lobby her. WE NEED YOU ALL FOR THIS !!! (unless you don’t care about Airsoft) ... See MoreSee Less

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An update on the WA Airsoft Bill. ... See MoreSee Less

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