Affiliated Gel Ball Venues

The following WA / Perth Gel Ball venues have offered their support for our “My Blaster, My Responsibility” safety campaign by:

  • Allowing educational banners to be raised at their venues;
  • Allowing Club Ambassadors to address their clients regarding the “My Blaster, My Responsibility” safety campaign, the Club’s activities, Gel Blaster legal requirements, code of conduct, etc.; and
  • Providing “My Blaster, My Responsibility” flyers to their clients.

Perth Metro

D.A.S.H. Paintball

Perth GelBlasting Underground (PGBU)

Perth Gel Ball / Gel Blaster Events

Regional WA

Albany Gel Ballers

Karratha Gelsoft

“My Blaster, My Responsibility” Safety Campaign

Updated 22 February 2021