Club management committee

Western Australia Airsoft Club Inc. is an incorporated association in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 and is managed by an elected committee.

The current committee is made up of the following members:

Mark Mildenhall


Position(s) held:

  • Co-founder of WAAC Inc.
  • Chair (2017 – present)
  • Treasurer (2017 – present)


Mark’s association with Airsoft started in 2010 when it literally showed up on his door step. Over the next 5 years he travelled around New Zealand and participated in many events and made a lot of friends. He also was a founding member of WMA (Wellington Milsim Airsoft Club).

In 2014 he moved to Western Australia, finding that he massively missed playing his favourite sport. Knowing that a change needed to be made he started to work towards making Airsoft legal in WA. He achieved a first success with Project 105, a review of the WA firearms laws. The findings recommended that Airsoft be made legal. Since then, together with Laurentiu Zamfirescu he formed the Western Australian Airsoft Club in order to lobby to make the sport legal. Ever since he has spent many hours and days working to make the sport legal and has met many fantastic people from all over Australia who have a love for this sport.

Mark also enjoys hiking, mountain biking, diving and tabletop wargames.

Laurentiu Zamfirescu


Position(s) held:

  • Co-founder of WAAC Inc.
  • Deputy Chair (2017 – present)
  • Secretary (2017 – present)


Laurentiu ‘s passion for shooting sports starts after he was introduced to paintball. He soon started a rental business to “feed his addiction”. Airsoft soon became popular in his home country, Romania, which saw him sell the business and enjoyed playing Airsoft for over 5 years.

His migration to Australia unfortunately saw his passion abruptly ended. He missed the friendships he established through Airsoft and decided to do something about it. Together with Mark Mildenhall he established the Club and has put in tireless hours into legalizing the sport and managing the Club. He started the lobbying journey on the premise that he would learn some interesting, useful life skills along the way, which has proven true.

Laurentiu enjoys hiking and rock-climbing and during his day-to-day life he works as a consulting risk and safety engineer.

Tony Goh


Position(s) held:

  • Ordinary member (2017 – present)


Tony’s passion for Airsoft comes from his youth when he completed the mandatory National Service in Singapore as a tank mechanic. Tony is highly community oriented, loves the outdoors and is always willing to lend a hand. His Buddhist calm and philosophy brings balance to the Club.

During his day-to-day life he works as a contract and procurement specialist in Government.

Updated 15 March 2020